Pilgrimage Activities

21-Day Pilgrimage to Arunachala, India

January 31st — February 20th, 2019

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  • Inside orientation to the Ramana Ashram (which includes the satsang/meditation room, samadhi sites, bookstore, library and main hall (where pujas, chanting and bajans take place)
  • Meditating in the caves on the mountainside, where Ramana Maharshi spent over 20 years
  • Satsangs and private appointments with Ramana
  • Special Private Satsangs with little known enlightened ‘gems’
  • Circumambulation (circling around Arunachala), which includes many holy sites
  • A field trip to the main Shiva temple (the largest in all of India). Inside stories and orientation to the sacred sites there
  • A special puja in the inner sanctum of the main Shiva temple (a rare opportunity almost never offered to Westerners)
  • Excursions around little known places and caves around Aruanchala
  • An optional field trip to a village school for a first-hand experience of the local culture
  • A temple tour around the mountain, where you will be oriented to customs, background and lore few Westerner know about
  • Just being and deepening into the Silence
  • A guaranteed life-transformational experience

21-Day Pilgrimage to Arunachala, India
Janaury 31st — February 20th, 2019

 'If you hear the call to Arunachala, you must go!I It is the most silent place on the planet.' — Papaji




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