The Call of Arunachala

"Arunachala, where true knowledge can be acquired without rituals, book learning or elaborate religious injunctions; where even an ignorant person can gain enlightenment by smearing on the forehead sacred ash; where all residents overcome obstacles and obtain the supreme knowledge without conscious effort.

"Thus, just thinking about Arunachala purifies the mind. Likewise, the sight of the mountain purifies the eyes, to speak of it purifies the tongue, and to hear about it purifies the ears. The Supreme Being abides on this earth in the form of Arunachala. The moment one sees it, ignorance is destroyed.

-Swami Annamalai, referring to references to Arunachala from ancient vedic texts

The mountain of Arunachala, India, has been called the most silent place on earth. Emanating from Arunachala is a jamming signal to the mind which leaves in its wake a silent mind. Arunachala is considered by the Hindus to be the embodiment of Lord Shiva, or the absolute Itself.

It is here where Sri Ramana Maharshi spent a his entire adult life (he never left Arunachala, even once), where he lived in its caves for over 22 years, and is the present home of the Sri Ramana Ashram. Sri Ramana Maharshi stated that Arunachala is the source of the Silent Transmission, and that all who come to it are guaranteed freedom. He stated, "It is grace, and grace alone, which brings you to this mountain."

The Holy Mountain, Arunachala...

. . . where devotion, meditation, prayer and receiving powerful blessings is not something that is done in a day, but makes up the very fabric of the day

. . . where the company of wise and enlightened ones are not occasional visits, but whose faces and wisdom you personally receive daily

. . . where the Truth of your True nature is not something you read about, study or investigate, but rather, it is lived daily


21-Day Pilgrimage to Arunachala, India

February 4th — February 25th, 2020

for Registration and Pilgrimage Pix and Videos, please click here

 'If you hear the call to Arunachala, you must go!I It is the most silent place on the planet.' — Papaji




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