Radical Awakening and the Opening to Heart Consciousness


What Happens in a Radical Awakening Session?

In a private Radical Awakening session, you are guided to such a powerful place of awareness, something shifts so deeply in consciousness that things are never again perceived in the same way. Issues are viewed within the backdrop of heart, which is realized as always pure, and always present.

A Radical Awakening is a sudden shift of awareness, where our connection to everyone and everything is profoundly and continuously felt. This connection opens a deeper level of exploration, where a new field of being emerges, and the Heart informs our actions and lives. From that point on, every moment becomes a surrender to the infinite power of love, as we realize this is all that is required for true happiness.

Ramana incorporates his years of study of traditional Indian teachings and practices, his background in as a transpersonal psychotherapist, and the direct guidance to the Self given to him by his masters Papaji and Ramana Maharishi.


Ability Meter Model 3a

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Bringing together the ancient traditions and modern technology, Ramana incorporates two biofeedback meters in order to monitor your levels of consciousness, as well as the coherence and harmony of your heart, mind and body.

The biofeedback instruments are sensitive enough to indicate moment-to-moment changes in your body, allowing for precise guidance into deeper levels of consciousness and heart, where true exploration of the nature of the true self can be discovered. From that point on, your presenting problems are seen in from the viewpoint of luminous awareness and heart.

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What People Are Saying About Their Radical Awakening Session

I have finally come to rest, feeling the authenticity of the real me every moment. Thank you Ramana, it is just as you said it would be.” —Richard

Radical Awakening expanded my perception of the timeless, changeless part of me. I was fully seeing from that place beyond the confines of my physical eyes, without the layers of limiting thoughts, beliefs, and social conditioning; this maximized my knowing the Ultimate reality. Thank you so very much again for gracing my life.” —Catherine

Thank you for helping me remember my purpose, and for really opening my heart. We are all shifting at a wonderful speed; I have been in the studio every day since I saw you. We have recorded one meditation (Om Shanti) CD... numerous poetry tracks, and are planning our World CD. George, Kelly and I are experiencing this opening and heightened awareness. And, well... I finally am loving life again!” —Micheline

The Radical Awakening is very familiar; like the times in childhood when there was no ‘presumed’ me. I feel the Infinite is leaking through to everything, and all experience is richer in quality. There’s a grand feeling of okayness. I’m feeling euphoric, grounded, and safe... with no contradictions to love.” —Julia

My deepest gratitude. I experienced and understood for the first time what pure awareness in activity is. The space within the heart is as great as this vast universe, and my eyes filled with tears.” —Katherine




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