Radical Awakening and the Opening to Heart Consciousness

What happens in a Weekend Intensive?


This year’s focus on the weekend workshop, as well as the evening weeknight sessions, will be on negotiating our way through and staying in balance in this the rapidly changing time. Because rapid change often elicts fear of loss and challenging conditions in our lives, it becomes vital to be able to tune into the larger truth of consciousness, heart and unity.

The workshop is an immersion into the creativity, possibility and power which springs from the expansion and exploration of higher states of consciousness, of the truth of who we really are. The key is feeling our connectedness with everyone and everything. Feeling this connectedness opens the heart, where it is said the true self resides in all living beings. This is a unique experience when shared together throughout a weekend.

Like within a private session, there will be in the weekend workshop the guidance to explore the subtle realms of consciousness which is ever present amidst our daily lives. This guidance is supplemented with stories, sharing and working with individuals on specific issues. All work is hands-on and experiential, specifically designed to stabilize the awareness of the true self.

Particulars of the Workshop

There is always time within the weekend to have your questions answered. In addition to meditations, practical applications of how to incorporate what is has opened for you will be given.

The workshops are set up on either two or three weekend days, and are designed so that you can attend either one, two or all tree days. The hours are usually between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm. Attendance is limited so that every person can be guided to their potential, so please register early.

What People are Saying About the Weekend Workshop with Ramana

Thank you for this weekend. I am still blessedly with the state of a parallel existence of happily going about my busy life with this loving Oneness. My vision still feels soft and not limited to the organ of my eyes. My other senses feel completely present all of the time. I feel the power to be able to do or be anything. It is so loving of you to make yourself so available to others. Thank you for guiding me so deeply back to that restful, divinely roomy home. I am so much more connected to the glory of choices and opportunities.” —J.D.

What I discovered in the weekend was very familiar, like the times in childhood when there was no ‘presumed’ me. I feel the Infinite is leaking through to everything, and all experience is richer in quality. There’s a grand feeling of okayness. I’m feeling euphoric, grounded, and safe... with no contradictions to love.” —Julia

When I was sitting next to you at the weekend, there was a moment that I felt that time has stopped and I was filled with bliss. The sense of it was like the late after noon in autumn, when the air I filled with golden light, or like sitting silently next to my mother (or a lover), with whom completely trusted and loved. (It got me in touch with) that longing for complete and total surrender” —Eiko

Looking eye to eye with the true ‘I’ that I am…this is beyond words. Living as this true ‘I’ is the sacred path I have always dreamed of living.” —Rachael

So much has changed for me this past year. I feel I have grown by leaps and bounds. I know for certain that I'm not that same person you last saw. I feel the love within is about to burst at times and other times its so wonderful to just be it. I feel the ego melting away a bit more each day. It so evident in my reactions to things or my lack of reaction, I guess I should say. So much abundance flows in my life now it takes by breath away. The peace I feel is phenomenal and I want so much for the whole world to have the same. I'm soooo looking forward to seeing you again.” —Thelma

To Ramana, a Teacher of Life: Since the weekend, I am still here in the now; it has not left.” —Dorothy



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