Radical Awakening and the Opening to Heart Consciousness

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A Personal Note from Ramana

In this time of great and rapid change, do you sometimes find yourself desperately trying to hold on, or find yourself falling into outdated patterns of fear and doubt? Do you sometimes obsess on real and imagined issues in your personal life, as well as the state of the economy and the world?

Take a deep breath. Relax. As hopeless as it seems, right now there is something opening for you: the door to your freedom. Once you pass through that door, all circumstances take on a different light, and you realize that there never was a door in the first place.

It is possible to surf the waves of change masterfully, intuitively, and in a heart-felt way, for in the background of all perception is the purity of your true self.

This true self is not making enormous efforts to transform itself into a more in-tune, spiritual person whose success or failure depends on creating a perfect life; it is much simpler and more basic than that.

The distance between your self-assumed identity and the infinite, creative awareness is thinner than a silken thread, where less than a whisper of effort is required to break through. As identity begins to merge with this ever-present awareness, perception opens to a vast, loving, compassionate space. Within this vastness, identity is immediately perceived as nothing more than a bundle of arising thoughts and programming, as attention is naturally drawn to the love and depth of awareness.

If your heart is hearing and feeling what I am speaking of, you are ripe for awakening.

Radical Awakening is a sudden and impactful shift in one’s conscious awareness of Self, where the "spell" of false identification is broken. It is a veritable waking up from the dream. For the last 12 years, my focus has been the sharing of this pure awareness.

In recent years I have discovered that after an awakening, there is an emergence of the spiritual heart, where action begins to spring from a place of compassion, wholeness and unity, rather than hidden designs and personal gain. Fear shows up within the context of spacious awareness, softened within the purity of heart. This emergence is what I call the Opening to Heart Consciousness.

I encourage you to examine your priorities and to put your energy, attention and resources into those activities which nurture the emergence of the true self. To do so is to tap into a font of purity, goodness and infinite power. In this Heart Consciousness, the human heart—so frail and alone—blossoms into the flowering consciousness of pure awareness.

This may be the last workshop you feel that you will need to do (although you may be moved to do others). I believe that after a Radical Awakening, your search for self-improvement can finally come to an end, and you can finally come to rest in the heart of Silence.

Come, let us meet where the frailty of the human heart and the infinite, creative energy of the true self live as one.

Yours in love, Ramana



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